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A foul smelling cave

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YuoTub is a series of compilations of shitty tv and internet clips. Originally intended for private use, each YuoTub is now available for the general public's viewing (dis)pleasure.

Each YuoTub is a mash-up of old and new TV, news, sports, internet clips, vlogs, commercials, infomercials, etc. Come and join us as we sift through You Tube's bowels in search of amazement and wonder.

Length varies from about 30 to 60 minutes.

Disclaimer: All images, audio and video clips, names, titles, etc, are, unless otherwise noted, copyright their respective copyright holders (i.e. television stations, production companies, networks, creators) and no copyright infringement is intended nor is YuoTub claiming the rights to any of these files/titles/names/et cetera.
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